We are The Sprinting Turtles!
Rock band from Washington DC. The band was formed while Kevin and Justin were studying at Virginia Tech. We had a blast playing live music at house parties. After graduating Justin and Kevin moved to the Washington DC area and wanted to continue to play music. We still bring the same goofy energy to our shows today and it is always a blast getting the crowd involved and singing along with us. Check out our music and who we are!

Kevin Olson

Lead Guitar & Vocals

Justin Johnson

Bass & Vocals

Kevin Ralph

Drums and Bag Pipes


August 18: Arlington County Fair | 3:45pm - 4:30pm
August 25: Tysons Biergarten
September 3 : Private Event
September 30 : Boomerang Pirate Ship
December 8: Paradise Springs Winery

Gypsy Sallys
Tysons Biergarten
Auld Shebeen
Jammin Java
Cowboy Cafe
Westover Beer Garden